The Heckington Dental plan enables you to spread the cost of your family’s essential dental care. This tailor made scheme has been carefully designed to meet the needs of our patients and to reflect our philosophy of prevention, it provides:

  • Two examinations per year
  • All necessary x-rays
  • Cleaning and polishing appointments twice a year
  • Oral hygiene and dietary instruction
  • Access to our dental emergency service during our normal surgery hours
  • 15% discount on private fees 
  • The cost of the twice yearly adult plan is just £10.99 per month

    Heckington Dental Plan Annual

    As above,but includes one examination and one cleaning and polishing per year. The cosy of this plan is just £5.99 per month and is offered at the discretion of the dentist.

    The Heckington Enhanced Plan

    This plan is for you if you require Periodontal maintenance; cleaning and polishing every 4 months. The cost of this plan is just £15.88 per month and is offered at the discretion of the dentist. 

    Special Plans for children – protecting their dental health

    We also have special plans for children, which have been designed to provide the foundation for strong, heathy, adult teeth and gums. In addition to the adult benefits listed above, children also receive fillings in milk teeth when necessary.
    For children who are 5-9 years, it costs £2.99 per month and 10-17 years, £4.99 per month. Children under 5 are free where a parent or guardian is a member of one of our adult dental plans.
    For patients who do not wish to be a member of our plan, but wish to remain a member of our practice there is a registration fee £35.00 for adults and £20.00 per child per annum and you will be charged normal private fees. 

    Fee guide 2021

    Treatment Name & Type

    Small x-ray
    Hygiene appointment
    White composite filling one surface
    White composite filling two surface
    White composite filling three surface
    Porcelain bonded to precious metal crown
    All ceramic crown
    Root treatment one canal
    Root treatment two canals
    Root treatment three canals
    Root treatment molar
    Cocr Denture
    Full Denture
    Valoplast Flexible Denture
    Deciduous filling
    At home bleaching one arch
    At home bleaching two arches
    In surgery (one hour) bleaching one arch
    In surgery (one hour) bleaching two arches
    Sports mouthguards
    Surgical extraction
    Implant assessment
    Single implants
    and implant crown


    from £450.00
    from £450.00
    from £545.00
    from £380.00
    from £580.00
    from £55.00
    from £42.00